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Fusalp products are the result of years of research and development. To enable you to enjoy our clothes for as long as possible, we recommend that you follow the care instructions shown on the product tag.

Please note that the guidelines provided below are standard recommendations which apply to most of our products but cannot replace all or part of the instructions indicated on the label of your garment


  • Machine wash at 30°C inside-out
  • Use detergent without softener, phosphate, optical brightener
    or biological detergent
  • Air dry flat
  • Iron at low temperature, inside-out if necessary

Underwear made from wool
or cashmere

  • Cold hand wash or machine wash on a cold wool program
  • Before washing, turn the item inside-out
  • Air dry
  • Iron at low temperature, inside-out if necessary

Sweaters and knitted fabric

  • Cold hand wash or machine wash on a cold wool program
  • Turn your clothes inside out before wash
  • Use detergent without softener, phosphates or optical brighteners, as well as an anti-fading wipe (especially for multicolored items)
  • Iron at low temperature (to avoid crushing the fiber) inside-out, with steam
  • Air dry flat

Technical fabrics
Power Stretch®, Softshell, …

  • Machine wash at 30 ° C inside-out
  • Air dry
  • No ironing
  • Before washing fasten zips and do up buttons and Velcro
  • Use detergent without softener, phosphates or optical brighteners


  • Wash swimwear products before first use

Coats, Jackets and ski pants

  • Machine wash at 30°C
  • Your product must be washed on its own
  • Use a short program for lightly soiled item
  • Before washing fasten zips do up buttons and Velcro
  • Use detergent without softener, phosphate or optical brightener. Use an amount of detergent responding to the weight of your item
  • Add an anti-fading wipe if your item is multicolored or with strong color contrasts (i.e white/black, white/red…)
  • An additional rinse is recommended to totally eliminate residual detergent that contains wetting agents which reduce waterproofing properties
  • Never leave your wet item in the washing machine
  • Air dry or tumble dry (depending on the instructions on the tag)
  • Never sun dry your item as its color may fade
  • Air drying or dryer according to the tag
  • Tumble drying is recommended to reactivate waterproofing agents
  • To reactivate waterproofing agents without a dryer: iron outer shell at maximum of 110°C without steam (place a towel between the item and the iron)
  • Use three tennis balls when tumble drying clothes designed with Sorona® fibers or down


Fur collars or hoods are usually removable and must be detached from clothing before maintenance:

  • Wash the faux fur by hand or machine wash at 30°C and air dry. After drying, we recommend brushing the fur, so it regains its initial volume
  • Take real fur to a specialized dry cleaner. Or, generously sprinkle the item with “Terre de Sommières” powder, which absorbs dirt. Allow it to act for a few moments then shake, brush and vacuum


Your National Standard sneakers are designed and manufactured with care and precision thanks to the expertise of highly trained craftsmen. The leathers used are of natural origin and evolve with time and usage. Here are some valuable tips to preserve their appearance and longevity.

    • National Standard x Fusalp shoes may come into contact with snow and salt, therefore we strongly recommend waterproofing your shoes (avoiding rubber parts).
    • Salt is corrosive to leather. We recommend that you repeat the maintenance regularly if repeated contact with corrosive elements occurs
    • Before maintenance, we advise you to remove the laces and put in shoe trees. The regular use of these will help to maintain the shape of your shoes
    • Dry the shoes at room temperature by removing the insoles
    • Avoid contact with raw denim to prevent any color transfer


  • BRUSHING : Using a soft brush, remove dust accumulated on the shoes
  • CLEANING AND CARE : Apply the care cream, let it dry and polish with a cloth
  • PROTECTING : Spray the waterproofing product 15cm from the shoe and leave to dry


  • BRUSHING : Rub the suede with our crepe brush to remove impurities
  • CLEANING : If the stains persist, use a suede eraser on the areas concerned
  • PROTECTING : Spray the waterproofing spray 15cm from the shoe then let it dry


  • CLEANING AND CARE :Apply with the brush our cleaning soap, rinse the product and then wipe. Let dry

In any case, we advise scrupulously following the care instructions on the inside of each garment.