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Patented technology, advanced materials, minimalist Swedish design perfectionism and handcrafted workmanship characterise the Yniq ski mask. Beyond its unmatched peripheral, this mask is equipped with a high-end gradient lens that changes from a dark upper tint for sunlight to a lighter lower tint for a better view of the snow surface.

The DAVE RYDING goggle is part of the Fusalp x GB Snowsport capsule and specially designed for the World Class Slalom skier. It is made from materials selected for their high technical qualities.

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  • Patented Peripheral Vision (PVT)
    Yniq's patented, award-winning technology provides superior peripheral vision over other ski goggles. This feature, which provides comfort and safety for skiers, who need wraparound vision, is made possible by the moulding of metal stabilisers that hold the strap. This process allows the addition of two side 'windows' to widen the field of vision. So whether it's calculating your landing, getting ready for the start of a race or simply navigating the slopes, PVT technology enhances your mountain experience.
  • Yniq lenses
    Yniq offers a high-end gradient lens that switches from a darker upper tint for sunlight to a lighter lower tint to better see the surface of the snow. To do this, Yniq uses less heat and pressure than is typical in the manufacture of spherical polycarbonate lenses. Yniq lenses have excellent optical acuity. They do not show 'bounce' or 'halo' (which are slight rainbows or reflections in the lens that distort vision), whether in bright sunlight or under night skiing lights. The masks also provide more accurate colour perception and contrast in low light and backlighting, a feature much appreciated by World Cup and X-Games athletes.

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