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"This ""Alternative Spray Protection Mask"" choker has been specifically designed to meet the demands of the health situation caused by Covid-19. It is a category 2 UNS2 Barrier Mask intended for the general public and exclusively reserved for non-healthcare uses. "

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Technical details


    It is advisable to carry out the washing protocol before the first use.

  • wash the mask in a net with detergent. Choose a washing programme of at least 30 minutes at a minimum temperature of 60°C. You can put it in the machine with the rest of your washing.

    After touching the mask, wash your hands with soap and water or a hydro
  • alcohol solution.

    When the programme is finished, take the mask out and reshape the pleats without using force.

    Dry the entire mask (the inner layers must also be completely dry). To do this, you can place the mask in a washing net and use a tumble dryer (making sure to clean the filters of the dryer and wash your hands afterwards), dry it mechanically or air dry your mask on a clean and disinfected surface. The maximum drying temperature should be 60°C.

    Iron your mask with steam at a temperature of 120°C (do not iron the elastic straps).

    As soon as the mask is dry, store it in clean packaging.

    This mask has been tested for 50 washes. After 50 washes, the filtration of the mask is no longer guaranteed.


    Store the mask in its original protective packaging in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

    Store it in a maximum humidity of 75% and at a temperature between
  • 2°C and +55°C in order to preserve all its protective properties.

    OEKO TEX® Standard 1000 is a testing, auditing and certification system for environmentally friendly operations in the textile and clothing industry. On the basis of criteria that are updated annually, the standard allows an objective assessment of the achieved environmental balance and social acceptability at all company’s production facilities. The aim is to continuously improve of environmental performance and working conditions.


  • Fleece 100% Polyester

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