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MEETING | Youri Duplessis Kergomard – Ski cross champion and member of the Fusalp’s Young Champions Programme

Youri Duplessis Kergomard, born on 3 April 1996 in Montpellier, is a young, talented ski cross Champion. A rising star in the discipline, he was, in 2016, the youngest Frenchman selected for the World Cup. In 2019, he impressed the ski cross fans during his first World Cup qualification in Val Thorens by reaching the second step of the podium; he then scored five European Cup victories and joined the French ski cross team.

At just 24 years of age, Youri Duplessis Kergomard, who qualified for the 2020 World Cup in Arosa (Switzerland), has multiplied the runs with flying colours, despite a demanding course.

He is also a participant in the 2020-21 promotion of Fusalp’s Young Champions programme. We wanted to find out more and met with the top-level sportsman.



Youri Duplessis Kergomard, tell us about yourself and your career.

I have always spent winters in the mountains and particularly in Méribel. Before choosing ski cross, I started with Alpine skiing. Skiing has gradually taken an important place in my life, so since the age of 13, I have been living in the mountains all year round. At the end of a rather good season in Alpine skiing, I took part in a ski cross competition and fell in love with the discipline. I then spent a few years in FIS (International Ski Federation), then in the European Cup and since 2020 in the World Cup. By nature, I am a sporty person, I ride my bike and motorbike as regularly as possible.


What motivated you to become an Alpine skier and specialise in ski cross ?

I started quite naturally with Alpine skiing, since it was the discipline taught at the Méribel sports club. It’s the school of the first skiing experience. Then, I branched off towards ski cross. I hooked on right away. It’s a discipline that I find more varied, more complete and which requires additional qualities. You have to be a good slider on the flat, know how to carve curves, be good at jumping and starting. You have to be a good strategist, especially for the 4-man runs, and maintain excellent physical condition, as the sequences of runs require good energy !



How do you feel at the start of the season? What are your future challenges ?

This is my second year in the World Cup. I’ve gone from the European Cup to the World Cup, it’s quite a climb. I came out of winning the overall European Cup ranking, which earned me a place in the World Cup. I secured a place on the podium at my first race. In spite of everything, I was a bit disturbed, I had to get my bearings.

This year it’s different, I’m starting on a more regular start, with, on the first two races, ranking in the top 10. My objectives have also evolved after last year’s results. This season, I am aiming for the World Championships, which should take place in February. It is a unique race that takes place every two years, with an even smaller selection and fewer riders per nation.


What advice would you give to a young skier who would like to start competing ?

As a young skier myself, I certainly lack the perspective and experience to give advice. Nevertheless, what I can say is that top-level sport is a real school of life. You have to make the most of it while keeping your head on your shoulders and the notion of pleasure in mind. You have to stay true to your values. Some moments are hard, make us doubt. Then sometimes you have to force yourself to go for it. But in the end, it is an extraordinary experience.



You are part of the Fusalp “Young Champions” programme, what do you expect from it ?

I joined the Fusalp Young Champions programme in the summer of 2020. I accepted the invitation first of all because Fusalp is a brand whose spirit I appreciate. It’s a French quality brand with a unique style that matches my values and lifestyle. We have initiated discussions on possible operations with associations.

And then, at the same time, I took part in the brand’s masterclass last September in Annecy. There I met the other young champions in the programme, as well as Claudia Riegler-Dénériaz and Antoine Dénériaz. We exchanged a lot about our experiences and our ambitions. I like this idea of passing on.


Youri Duplessis Kergomard wears the GABIN III polo shirt in Marin and the CEILLAC sweater in Black.
Follow Youri Duplessis Kergomard on Instagram : @youri_dk