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MEETING I Stéphane Hallaire – Founder of Reforest’Action


As part of its “Philanthropy and Patronage” project for the development of sustainable actions, Fusalp is committed to “Reforest’Action”.

This B Corp certified company created in 2010 by Stéphane Hallaire aims to support and strengthen reforestation on a global scale.

Its concept? Planting trees! Reforest’Action brings on board both individuals and companies, enabling them to take concrete action in favor of reforestation in France and around the world, while raising awareness of the cause and promoting their action.

Through the projects of Fusalp s’Engage, we want our company to have a positive impact on our environment, and this is one of the reasons why we are committed to Reforest’Action by supporting the restoration of a forest in a suburban area in France.

We met with Stéphane Hallaire and asked him a few questions to help you discover his project and, we hope, embark with him on the great adventure of Reforest’Action!



Hello Stéphane Hallaire. You are the founder of Reforest’Action, can you introduce your concept?

Reforest’Action is a company created in 2010 whose mission is to preserve, restore and create forests in France and around the world. Its principle is to allow everyone, individuals and companies alike, to act concretely for the forests by financing trees on a unique digital platform of “crowdplanting”.

We act where the forest needs it, relying on the expertise of local partners who know the field. In concrete terms, we select quality forestry projects that meet precise criteria, such as the diversity of species planted. We then support these projects with funding from our contributors, and we ensure their long-term follow-up.

This is very important, because forests are precious for humanity through the many benefits they bring us: they store carbon, they shelter a very rich biodiversity, they provide food resources to hundreds of millions of people, they regulate the water cycle, they protect and enrich the soil… and much more!


What motivated you to create Reforest’Action?

For a long time, I had the desire to work for the general interest and to create a sustainable economic model in favor of the environment. It was during a trip to Senegal in 2010 that the idea came to me: I was lucky enough to discover a local agroforestry project and to plant my first tree – a mango tree. This made me realize how much trees could bring, not only from an environmental point of view but also from a social and economic one.

I then decided to create Reforest’Action, with the idea of giving companies and citizens a way to act concretely for the environment. Indeed, we are all interdependent and belong to the living world. We must act collectively in favor of the ecological transition, each at our level and according to our means. This is how the idea of crowd planting was born. It allows everyone to act at their own level, by planting trees online on the forest project of their choice. From a few hundred trees per year at the beginning, Reforest’Action has grown to support the planting of millions of trees around the world!



 What missions are you aiming to achieve? What means do you have to achieve them?

Our primary mission is to act for forests in order to respond to the two major challenges that threaten our common future: global warming and the erosion of biodiversity.

Forests are indeed the first carbon well on the planet, and as such they are one of the essential natural solutions for the climate (in addition of course to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions). They are also essential to the maintenance of life on earth, since 80% of terrestrial biodiversity is sheltered in forests. Reforest’Action’s mission is to support quality forestry projects that have a positive impact on these two issues, while also addressing local socio-economic issues.

To carry out our missions, we have developed over the years a vast network of local partners and project leaders (NGOs, associations, experts, managers…), which allows us to act on a large scale as close to the field as possible, and which fully integrates our vision of the forest. Our “Forest Unit”, the team in charge of selecting and monitoring projects, is in constant contact with the members of this network. They make sure that the forests we support meet the specifications we have defined and allow the development of multifunctional and resilient ecosystems. In addition, we have set up a framework that allows us to act constructively and responsibly, with an ethics committee and a technical committee, each composed of four people from outside the company who help us guide our actions.


 Since its creation in 2010, Reforest’Action has:

– Supported more than 800 forestry projects in 30 countries (with over 12 million trees)

– Gathered more than 200,000 citizen planters and 2000 contributing companies

– Raised awareness of forest issues among over 20 million people

– Generated a positive impact on the living conditions of more than 150,000 people around the world



It is more important than ever to commit to the planet. What are the major projects to come for Reforest’Action?

Indeed, there is still a lot to be done to save the forests, because despite the invaluable services they provide us every day, forests are still affected by deforestation to the speed of 10 million hectares each year. More than ever, it is necessary to act collectively to protect and restore them. 

This is why we have decided to change scale by setting ourselves an ambitious goal: to plant and regenerate one billion trees worldwide by 2030!

With this in mind, we are working on developing strategic partnerships with major groups, and we are increasingly in dialogue with public officials and major international organizations. My ambition is also to transmit my vision of the forest and its potential for reconnecting with life in order to inspire leaders to make a concrete and massive commitment to the protection and preservation of forests. Finally, this change of scale implies internal transformations, and in particular the strengthening of our teams, as well as the development of our links with our project leaders, who do remarkable work in the field.


In concrete terms, how can a private individual help you? And a company?

An individual can act for reforestation by financing one or more trees on our website, for the benefit of a forestry project in France or elsewhere in the world. One can also offer a tree to one’s relatives, thanks to a plantation code system proposed on our website. Then, if one wishes, one can share on social networks the plantation certificate that one will have been sent by us, which will allow one to make one’s action known and to encourage other people to support the forests!

For a small company, we propose a system similar to that available for individuals, thanks to which they can plant trees directly on our site, and even have a page in their name that allows them to present their commitment. For larger companies who wish to act in favor of forests as part of their environmental approach, we offer a personalized service, in order to find the solution that best suits their needs: financing of existing projects, creation of a customized project, or the possibility of offsetting their emissions through forestry projects. All our solutions are presented on our website, and they just need to contact us to know more!


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