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MOODBOARD INTERVIEW | Pamela Tick – DJ and model
with a radiant energy

With a degree in psychology from the University of Colorado Boulder, Pamela Tick moved to New York to pursue her passions: fashion and music. A luminous personality who radiates joie de vivre and bold creativity, she shares her nomadic lifestyle of freedom and authenticity on Instagram

Always on the move, Pamela sees life as a huge playground with multiple opportunities. Over time, she has been able to draw the contours of a wardrobe that mirrors herself, drawing her inspiration from the 90s and playing with the codes of a feminine style with an androgynous edge.

We asked her to answer our ‘moodboard’ interview.



How do you characterize your clothing style and what are your sources of inspiration?

My sources of inspiration come from both old fashion icons and the beauty of young innocence. Carolyn Besette Kennedy is a simple classic example of someone who can dress minimally and still look effortless. I also find myself inspired by even a passerby on the street, anyone who is confident to rock a look and show self expression. Fun silhouettes and neutral palettes also play a role in my everyday style. And most of all – having ‘signature’ items that I wear daily are what make me ‘me’.


Every season Fusalp reinterprets, for the mountains and for the city, the ski suit and the ‘fuseau’ stirrup pants, two iconic pieces that offer a vast field of inspiration and creativity. What for you is THE iconic piece to have in your wardrobe? 

The #1 piece in my wardrobe is a leather jacket. Something you can throw over just about anything and it gives you that edge and is a practical investment.


Fusalp thinks of clothing as a light, protective armor that, by structuring the body and emphasizing the silhouette, frees up movement to let our inner strengths express themselves. What is your ‘armor’ outfit, the one in which you feel free and invincible?

A ski suit is always a key item and an important piece for me. Skiing in general is such a big part of my lifestyle and feeling like the outfit is ready as is, doesn’t need to be necessarily styled, and is fitted to my body is an easy, sexy, fun and carefree feeling when I’m on the mountain or walking around town after a ski day. A good onesie in general for any season whether it’s a ski suit or linen overalls, is a staple item in my wardrobe all year round.


In the Fusalp Spring/Summer 2021 Collection, which piece did you fall for? How do you integrate it into your daily style?

I love the EVY 3 Layered Jacket. A staple piece that you can easily style for a day to night look. I always gravitate towards anything that feels like it will just get better with time!



And finally, how would you define, in a few words, the Fusalp spirit?

I would describe the Fusalp spirit as classic and timeless, which is what makes me genuinely magnetic to it!


Pamela chose to wear the RAPHAELLE t-shirt, the COQUELICOT sweatshirt and the COCO CAP
from the Spring/Summer 2021 Collection.

Follow Pamela Tick on Instagram:  @pamelatick