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MEETING | Lady Tatiana Mountbatten – Grand Prix dressage rider and author of the “Country & Equestrian style” blog

Lady Tatiana Mountbatten is a Grand Prix dressage rider, trainee psychotherapist, certified health coach and mental health advocate. Meanwhile, she runs the “Country and Equestrian style” blog in introduction of which we can read the title “Horses are always elegant and elegance is always style”.

We met with Tatiana to learn more about her sport-chic lifestyle that combines elegance and performance.



Who are you Lady Tatiana Mountbatten ?

For half of my childhood, I grew up on a polo farm in Sussex in the south of England. My father played polo professionally in his 20s, and now lives in the heart of a polo club he’s built over the past 15 years. The other half of my childhood was spent with my mother in London. She too has a passion for horses and has recently brought equestrian AI (artificial insemination) to Africa and runs the most successful breeding stud in Kenya (Sirai Stud). A love of horses and equestrian sport has been bred into me.

I’ve somehow managed to create the perfect balance of life in the country and life in London with thanks to my upbringing. I train my two dressage horses on a daily basis in Windsor, before returning home to my studies and work as a psychotherapist. When I complete my qualification, I aim to work with teenagers and young adults in helping them navigate what can be a difficult period of life. 

I have a lifestyle blog on my website which showcases my love for equestrian elegance, London life and country style. 


You work as a Grand Prix dressage rider. What does it entice ?

I used to work as a rider, I now only ride my own horses after sustaining a brain injury when I fell off a young horse a few years ago. Although it’s sometimes dangerous, I’ve really missed buying, training and selling young horses. It’s an incredibly rewarding process and contributes to my development as a rider. So, I’ve just invested in a new young horse to bring on in the hope of starting up my small business again.



Although riding and training horses may not look strenuous to non-riders, it is however physically and mentally demanding. Riders need to have full body strength, good balance and muscular endurance. During competition season I train my body in the gym at least five days a week to ensure I am physically prepared to perform to the best of my ability.


You run the Country and Equestrian style blog, a window to your country lifestyle. What kind of message would you like to spread to your audience ?

Being able to split my time between London and the country on a daily basis is quite unique. Everything I do, I love with every fibre in my body. I receive so many messages on my Instagram (@tatianamountbatten), asking me where I get certain items, outfits, and equipment from. I created my blog showcase the products I use, the outfits I curate and the lifestyle I have created for my audience, so they too can find and invest in the things and services I feel are worth having or knowing about. The most important aspect of my blog is that it’s completely authentic. I would never share anything I didn’t feel was a fantastic product.



What is the ideal wardrobe to be an elegant, feminine and performant rider ? 

I personally believe that when you’re competing at a high level at anything, you need to be feeling good about yourself. Liking your outfit and feeling good in it will only increase your confidence, especially in a sport based on other people’s

Working with horses is a lifestyle choice. There’s not one day that goes by where I don’t know the exact movements of every horse in my care. When you spend most of your time outside, looking after these magnificent animals, you need clothes for many different responsibilities that go with the job.

For training, our clothing needs to be technical and breathable. For competing, we want to look our absolute best. For other duties around the stables, we need to be dry, warm and always comfortable.



The alliance of elegance and performance is sought after by riders as well as by skiers. In your opinion, which pieces from the Fusalp collection are the most suitable for the practice of equestrian sports ?

Both of these fabulously elegant sports enable you to look effortlessly chic whilst technically supporting our bodies natural movements.  

My favorite pieces to ride in are the SCARLETT sweater for training, I have it in Oliver. The JUSTINE sweater for daily riding in winter, it’s incredibly cozy. The MARILOU coat for life in the stables, watching others ride, walking around and staying warm between horses. And the MERYL jacket for warming up at competitions, it’s very smart helping me look and feel my best right before performing.


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